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DBQ Middle Ages Essay

The Middle ages began after the fall of the Roman Empire. It can be defined as a time of minimal cultural and scientific achievements, suffering, feudalism, and power of the church. The labels for the Middle Ages that best describe the era between 500 and 1400 in Europe are the Dark Ages, the Age of Feudalism, and the Age of Faith. The Middle Ages should be labeled the Dark Ages because of the years of suffering that was inflicted from invasions. Invaders, usually from the North, would come into towns and completely lay waste to everything. These invasions made people live in fear and abandon their homes in refuge of safer places. In document one, â€Å"They sacked town and village and laid waste the fields†¦there is no longer any trade, only unceasing terror†¦the people have gone to cower in the depths of the forest or inaccessible regions.† Besides people’s homes being destroyed from invasions, many people were killed and their belongings and even loved ones taken. In document 3, â€Å"842, in this year there was a great slaughter in London and Quentavic and Rochester†¦843 the Northmen, with their boats filled with booty, including both men and goods, return to their own country.† The Dark Ages has a negative connotation to it, so this label rightly matches the terrible inv asions that occurred leaving families devastated. The Middle Ages should also be labeled the Age of Feudalism because of the absence of imperial authority that was replaced by local political organization known as the feudal system. The feudal system was based on loyalty and obligations between landlords in their vassals. In exchange for protection and land (fiefs) from the Lord, the vassle gave the Lord his loyalty, military service, and ransom if needed, as shown in the feudal obligations of document 4. After the fall of the Roman Empire, its territories in Europe had to protect themselves from outside invaders. To do this, these local kingdoms gave land to those willing to send knights in order to protect the kingdom. In Document two John of Toul is a vassle to the count and countess of Champagne and takes the Homage Oath, â€Å"I, john of Toul†¦will send to the Count and Countess of Champagne the knights who is service I owed to them for this fief which I hold.† Without the loyalty and service from the vassals to the landlord, the feudal system would crumble  leaving that territory defenseless against invaders and rival kingdoms. Finally, the Middle Ages should be labeled the age of faith because of the solid organization and power the Catholic Church demonstrated. The power of the church can merely be seen through its cathedrals as shown in document 10. A lot of money, materials, and labor were required to build the cathedral and only a wealthy and powerful organization could build them. The church even tried to limit warfare between landlords by decreeing days of peace when no battles or attacks could occur. In document 5, the Church believes in the word of God and called for the observance of the Truce of God, â€Å"on every Sunday, Friday, and Saturday, and on feast days no one may commit murder, arson, robbery, or assault.† Besides power, the Catholic Church had a lot of influence over people. Some people gave up the life they knew to follow God and join a monastic order. This is evident in document 8, an excerpt adapted from monastic vows taken by a brother that had an ordinary life but gave it up for a life with God. â€Å"I renounce my own will for the will of God†¦I accept all hardships of the monastic life†¦I promise to remain a monk in this monastery.† The calling of Crusades by the church shows its influence it had over people even in times of war. Pope Urban II was the head of the Catholic Church and he believed it was God’s will to call for a crusade to recapture the holy lands. In document 9, â€Å"your brethren of the Middle East are in urgent need of your help†¦the Turks and Arabs have attacked†¦they have occupied more and more of the lands of the Christians.† Document 8 shows the church’s religious influence while document 9 shows its political influence. In conclusion the Dark Ages, the Age of Feudalism, and the Age of Faith are labels that best describes the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages were low on cultural and scientific achievements and lived off of the knowledge from civilizations before them. Document 6, â€Å"it performs the function of the knowledge and treasures of what had come before.† Its output of creativity and originality did not in any way surpass the turmoil from invasions, political organization from feudalism, or the power of the church, to be known as a golden age. Document 7, â€Å"medieval culture was in perfect, was restricted to a narrow circle of superior minds.† To better understand that  the Middle Ages produced a low amount of cultural and scientific achievements I would need an additional document of a list of achievements produced during this era. I would be able to compare this to other achievements produced in civilizations during their Golden Age.

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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a passenger airline based out of Dallas, Texas that provides air transpiration throughout the United States. Southwest is currently the 6th largest U. S. airline based on revenue. It currently has more than 3,100 flights in 73 cities, making it the largest U. S. carrier passenger airline. They provide good options, such as early check-in, hotel packages, car rental, and free luggage up to two bags, which are one of their techniques to provide bad news to the customers. Summary: Southwest Airlines is the largest carrier in the United States and they get the high satisfaction ratings of the country’s best customer service providers from business week’s ranking. The reason why they can do so is that they contain good policies for the customers. For example, a case in St. Louis, an ice storm had stocked the plane for several hours. The flight attendants and pilots walked through the plane like usual, trying to answer questions that customers had and they provided the information for the passengers about connecting flights. Passengers who were on the flight were surprised by the letter they got after few days. They got a free round-trip flight. Fred Taylor is a senior manager of proactive customer communications who has a daily meeting with his department to talk about the problems that may happen and develop the methods to minimize them. For example, Southwest Airlines use twitter to send the information and official announcements for their customers. If passengers know more about the policies, it helps them a lot. The other part of Fred Taylor’s job is to deliver bad news and responding to customer’s complaint. According to the article (2011), Fred Taylor says that â€Å"it’s not something we had to do. It is something we feel our customers deserve. † He writes about 20,000 apology letters to passengers in a year. The letters have his direct phone number and many of them include a free flight voucher. The motto of Southwest Airlines is â€Å"share the spirit† and they do what they say. Course concepts: Bad News disappoints, Irritates, and sometimes angers the receiver, such messages must be written carefully. The Bad feelings associated with disappointing news can generally be reduced if the receiver: A) Knows the reason for the rejection. B) Feels that the news was delivered sensitively C) Believes that the matter was treated seriously and fairly While many people may claim to prefer directly delivered bad news, the source cannot be said in a particular situation. For example, if those people are directly responsible for the situation resulting in the bad news, they may not be so found of hearing it directly. Or if the bad news is personally serious and damaging, they may prefer a buffer Again this comes to the first phase of the writing process: assessing and analyzing both the situation and audience. Once this is done, it will be clear whether to deliver bad news directly and indirectly. Using the indirect strategy is a smart way to lessen the blame and the importance of negative news. However, there are still possibilities of negative ramifications. If, for example the sender takes too long to finally deliver the main point the recipient can be aggravated. The key to delivering news effectively knows the audience. For example, some people prefer direct communication for the good news and the bad, while others prefer indirect and good communication skills. In dealing with delivering bad news, the 3*3 writing process still maintains its purpose and assistance. In the prewriting phase of the writing process (phase1) the aspects include 3 As: analysis, anticipation, and adaptation. In completing this phase, the writer determines that a negative message must be sent how the news will be received, and how to appropriately draft that message. Third, aspect(Adaptation) that the choice between direct and indirect messages comes to play. Even though it may seem impossible to make the receiver happy when delivering negative news, it is possible to reduce bad feelings and resentment by the use of a buffer, a buffer is a device used to reduce shock or pain. The following are various buffer possibilities A) Start with the part of the message that represents the best news. B) Show that the reader is important and cared. C) Provide objective information that introduces the bad news. The most important aspects of delivering negative messages are explaining the reasons and how to increase the benefits. In developing audience benefits and building goodwill, we should increase new value and better features, make it more efficient or make customers’ lives easier. Southwest got high performance from USA airlines services. When flight was delayed, Southwest Airlines will inform their customer directly by appropriate ways. Moreover, Southwest Airlines will give promo code discount or free one-way tickets when any flight was cancelled. Therefore, customers feel happy and satisfied even when they face the problem because they have another thing to compensate such as give cards, cash back, VIP cards, and so on. Moreover, Southwest Airlines will offer more options that make each customer more convenient. When customers reserve the tickets and then they have a late flight. Southwest Airlines provides the option that customers can fly early if another flight is available. â€Å"Customers will hear an announcement in the gate area and will be able to purchase an available [early] boarding position via credit card from a customer service agent,† Furthermore, this option is useful because Southwest Airlines got positive feedback back from the customers. From my real experience, I am one of the loyal customers who traveled with Southwest Airlines. In addition, this Airlines always has a good deal when I would like to travel somewhere in the United States. So, Southwest Airlines is the best choice for me not only they offered cheap tickets, but also provided free two luggage promotion. The last time I chose Southwest Airlines, my flight was delayed because of bad weather. Unfortunately, I also missed the next flight that I actually had to transfer to. Nevertheless, Southwest Airlines tried to find another flight for me. Furthermore, Southwest Airlines paid me for the hotel, meals, and cash back during I was in New York. According to this experience, I always choose Southwest Airlines no matter how expensive I have to spend. In conclusion, Southwest Airlines knows how to respond and handle unpredictable problems, and inform its customers directly with proper ways. From the above reasons, Southwest Airlines is one of the successful airlines company in the US.

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Matteo Ricci and China Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Matteo Ricci and China - Research Paper Example 1-50).1 The aim of this research paper is to discuss Matteo Ricci in China, why he came to China, what he completed during his stay in China, as well as the impacts he had on Chinese society during that time and in the modern day. Why Matteo Ricci came to China The main reason why Matteo Ricci went to China encompasses the desire to spread the Christian gospel to China. As an intelligent and talented Jesuit, Ricci sought to preach the Christian message in China. He entered China during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), marking the beginning of what can be referred as the third period of the history of Christianity in China. Together with other Jesuits, Ricci intended to see the implementation of the insights of Alessandro Valignano, their Jesuit chief. In order to make China a Christian society, he made attempts to connect with both the ordinary people and the educated Chinese. The Christian doctrines that Ricci wanted to spread in China mainly included those of Catholicism (Fontana 2011 , p. 1-50).1 Ricci also came to China with the aim of amassing knowledge, which he could disseminate to people in other parts of the world. Of utmost importance was his desire to spread Christianity to the Chinese cultures, which had no prior knowledge of Christianity but used to be strict followers of other religious beliefs. Thus, his determination to see Christianity spread in China can be termed as the main reason why Matteo Ricci came to China (Brockey 22007, p. 10-250). What Matteo Ricci completed during his stay in China and his impact during that time up to modern day China Some of the accomplishments that Ricci made in China included preaching and spreading Christianity to most of the parts of China. His main focus included spreading Catholicism doctrine, teaching astronomy, geography, and mathematics. During his stay in China, Ricci collected maps of China and merged them with maps of the west to come up with the map of the entire world (Brockey 2007, p. 10-250).2 For the first time, there came to be the Chinese Global map, which Ricci himself compiled. His other contributions included the introduction of geographic coordinate system, as well as western geography. The coordinate system helped in the measuring of longitude and latitude in maps, which led to China. Ricci introduced western civilization to the Chinese people; this civilization spread to other countries around China such as Japan (Hsia 2010, p. 30-120).3 His other accomplishments while in China included doing twenty writings in Chinese. These writings encompassed scientific works, religious writings, as well as treaties; one of the most famous writings that he did was the â€Å"True Doctrine of God.† Moreover, he contributed to the compiling of the first European-Chinese dictionary and two Portuguese-Chinese dictionaries. Ricci’s accomplishments in China also encompassed leaving behind 2,500 Chinese Catholics at the time of his death; most of them included the educated ones . His legacy also encompassed a Friendship Treatise, Mnemonic arts treatise, as well as a translation of Elements of Geometry in Chinese (Lehner 2011, p. 4-70).3 Ricci’s accomplishments while in China also encompass writings that entailed catechisms and the translation of Chinese prayers. Moreover, Ricci was highly involved in the composition of hymns in the Chinese language, which played a crucial role in his efforts to spread the doctrines and teachings of

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Democratic Capitalism and Individual Liberty 201 Essay

Democratic Capitalism and Individual Liberty 201 - Essay Example Thomas Paine in Common Sense argued North America was a â€Å"natural manufactory† where laying out money to build a navy was paramount because it would protect commerce (Paine 36). Thus, free trade and individualism go hand in hand with each other but when businesses are not allowed to fail, the result is socialism. When Alexis de Tocqueville toured the U. S. in the 1830s he was impressed with Americans’ industriousness. However, de Tocqueville also saw problems of having slaves as part of a southern workforce. The white Ohioan, as de Tocqueville put it, â€Å"is obliged to exist by his own exertions† while the â€Å"Kentuckian scorns . . . labour [and] lives in an idle independence† (Casper & Davies 117). As the nation grew, laws, such as the abolition of slavery in 1865 and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act in 1892, promoted individualism and fair play in business. The recent government bailout did not promote individualism and goes directly against Smith’s idea that when regulations are â€Å"completely taken away, the obvious and simple system of natural liberty establishes itself of its own accord† (Burton & Dworkin 145). Allowing business to fail is the natural order of supply and demand. When businesses are not allowed to fail, but propped up with a supply of government money, the system is no longer individualistic but

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Emerging Trends in Health Care Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Emerging Trends in Health Care - Term Paper Example As elucidated by Sena, adoption of technology in healthcare is one of the emerging trends affecting health care. Just like in any other industry, the use of technology is imperative in healthcare as healthcare organizations strive to align their services with their objectives of providing quality services to their clients. In essence, the use of technology has made the job of doctors and nurses easier and patients are able to access healthcare services more rapidly. A good example of how technology is used today in healthcare is electronic health records which improves efficiency of services. Doctors and physicians are therefore able to access patients' medical information in their computers by just a click. Secondly, according to Sena, individuals seeking treatment today are more involved in the provision of care. This can be attributed to the fact that the modern man is more sophisticated in terms of education. Therefore, people today tend to evaluate all available healthcare avenues in order to make an informed decision on the institution offering the best services. This has also been contributed by the fact that people are able to access information particularly through the internet. Consequently, people in the contemporary world can identify differences in terms of services, costs, as well as quality of services in different institutions as relevant information is available on the internet. The third emerging trend is closely linked to the current high spending in healthcare that has pushed up health insurance premiums.

Anthropology Short Response Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Anthropology Short Response Paper - Essay Example They point out there are many types of literacy, ranging from being able to sign one's name through to being able read contemporary literature. Ahearn adds both visual and cultural literacy to this broad definition as she argues that "Cultural literacy skills predispose people to read situations and texts in certain ways and constrain the types of interpretations they are likely to construct." (Ahearn: 46). Ahearn quotes Mike Baynham on the 'ideological' model of literacy, who states that literacy needs to be understood as a strategic, social practice which defines and confines the choices available to individuals within a particular society. Hence she evaluates the literacy of the Junigau in their own terms, at that moment in their development and history. We are shown the contrast between Sarita and Bir Bahadur's command of language particularly through Bir Bahadur's letters and the impact this has on their relationship as it develops. She examines the villagers' definition of romantic love through a variety of methods including letters, conversations and taped interviews.

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Business strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Business strategy - Essay Example Therefore, strategy is all about direction, market; scope, advantage, resources, environment and stakeholders. Direction is about where the business is headed in the long-term. Markets; scope address the kind of markets the firm should compete in and the type of activities taking place in this markets. Advantage deals with the manner in which the business can achieve more in those markets. Resources look at the requirements needed in order for the firm to compete. This includes skills, property, funding, associations, technical competence, and amenities. Environment looks at the external, environmental factors that influence the business capability to compete. Lastly, stakeholders concerns are about the values and hopes of the individuals who have power in and around the firm. Strategy is about how to term a particular, fixed vision for the future. It is more about a procedure to direct decision-making than concerning a precise document to which individuals can refer. According to Al khafaji (2003 p.78), strategy plays an important role in strategic planning. Especially in the current globe where both further and higher education institutions encounter a large amount of pressures that are primarily known to managers working at all levels. These include a number of factors. First strategy assists managers to overcome the challenge of working within fast varying political scenery, particularly in relative to funding and scrutiny. Strategy enables an organization to be able to deal with fast and essential developments in information and Communication Technology that has the potential to change the manner in which education and study are carried out. Strategy also allows the organization to survive with the challenges of working within a very economical market. It also enables the organization to adopt major new strategic precedence such as internationalization and awareness to business. Strategy gives the institution chance to plan how to work with and gain from ne w stakeholders, mainly those within business and society. In addition, strategy allows for the planning of the constantly rising pressure on assets and the resulting requirement to do more for less through the full utilization of assets and reduction of surplus. It gives the organization a chance to plan on recruiting and maintaining staff with the precise skills, experience and interest. From the main point of view, business now day get accomplished in a global marketplace. Change is taking place at a predictable pace. In the past strategic management was carried out by the largest companies, and those who had lead change. Currently it is a necessity for an organization to continue to exist. Business leaders must be looking forward awaiting transform and coming up with a strategy to proactively and successfully find the way through the instability brought by change. From a micro perspective, the level of a single company, strategic planning provides an organization purpose and dire ction. Every individual in an organization must have a knowledge of what company do, who the companies target clients are, and understand how the organization compete. A strategy will enable the organization to balance revenue and output projects. Without strategic planning, organization drifts, and is at all times reacting to the demands of the day. Strategic thinking is the act of developing and evaluating each idea and action basing it on the present and

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Hematology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hematology - Essay Example In the blood system, Pluripotent haematopoetic cells become any type of cell. The type of a cell to become is determined by pluripotent cells that differentiate it in a wise way. 1 Proliferation is multiplication of blood cells in a human being. When an embryo is being developed, formation of blood takes place in the yolk sac in aggregate of blood cells. Blood formation takes place in the liver, spleen and lymph nodes and development goes to advance stages. Eventually, the task of blood formation is taken by bone marrows in the entire body system when they develop. However, proliferation of lymphoid cells usually occurs in the secondary lymphoid organs such as lymph nodes, spleen and thymus. In adult, haematopoiesis usually takes place in marrows of long bones like femurs and also in ribs and sternum where we have spongy bones. At times, spleen, liver and thymus recommence their haematopoietic function commonly known as extramedullary haematopoiesis. 2 Differentiation is a process whereby cells acquire a type in regard to haemopoiesis. During differentiation, cell morphology changes drastically although generic material still remain the same with some few exceptions. In many aspects of cell physiology, differentiation involves changes in regard to shape, metabolic activities, polarity, size, and responsiveness to signals whereas gene expression profil

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TBA Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

TBA - Research Paper Example This automotive racing world forwarded through the use of new technology and development. It is true that global environment is getting affected due to high consumption of fossil fuel and growing emission level of Carbon. The huge popularity of World Motorsport and negative impact on the environment forced the automotive industry, Energy department of United States of America and Environmental protection agency of the United States of America started to take the initiative to manufacture and design green racing vehicles. It is true that high sped and heavy racing vehicles need huge energy to perform effectively in a race. But, the automotive industry decided that the time has come to harness the creativity, innovation and efficiency to improve the effectiveness of the vehicles both on the track and off the track. Motorsport is considered as one of the popular sporting events that significantly contributed to the socio-cultural and economical development of a country. In addition to this, these specific events help to attract global visitors to experience the events. Looking into these aspects, several regulatory bodies, government of country and motorsport agency try to maintain sustainability of world motorsport events. It is clear from the introduction that the governmental bodies and motorsport agency is trying to introduce green motorsport racing in order to maintain environmental sustainability. Following discussion will help the readers to understand about its historical implication, economic and social issues and cultural perspective of this green motorsport racing event. Massive use of fossil fuel affects the environmental balance. High carbon emission level is the major consequence of the consumption of fossil fuel. It is known to all that motorsport vehicles consume high every fossil fuel as energy resources. In addition to this, consumption level of fuels is

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Death of a journalist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Death of a journalist - Essay Example During the actual fighting phase of the 1991 Gulf War for the liberation of Kuwait no journalists were killed, but in the ensuing days four freelance journalists were killed. In 2002 during the action in Afghanistan eight journalists were killed within a short span of two-weeks, and at one point in this war the media related casualties were higher than the actual military casualties. This trend of high journalist causalities was carried into the war in Iraq, where in the four weeks of fighting fifteen journalists lost their lives. Some may have died through accidents, but the vast majority of them were killed during combat action. (1)1 Commenting on these deaths of journalists, the Chief Executive of the World Association of Newspapers (WAN), is reported to have said in October this year, â€Å"Journalism today is more dangerous than ever. More than 500 journalists have been killed in the past decade, often for simply doing their jobs†. The recent years have seen the up trend in journalists being killed while doing their jobs continuing. In 2004 seventy-two journalists lost their lives, while in the field. Till the first week of October 2006, seventy-five journalists have been killed, making it the worst year in this regard for journalists, and confirming the rising trend of journalists killed in their line of duty. (2) The Iraq War, and the subsequent situation there has proved to be the killing fields of many a journalist. The situation of the journalists in Iraq is reflective of the nature of the grave risks that they face in their line of duty. Working in a war zone has always been fraught with dangers that emanate from the battles that occur there. In addition to that journalists in Iraq also face the danger of being hunted down and killed, just because they may be suspected of cooperating with one of the combatant forces, or because of their religious, or political affiliations. This

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Martin Luther King Essay Example for Free

Martin Luther King Essay I have a dream was one of the most powerful and influential speeches of all time, it not only created the realisation that the Negro was not free, it persuaded that of white people to make a change for the benefit of the African Americans. The African American civil rights movement was creeping forward but two individuals created a greater atmosphere for the reinforcement of the movement, sure William Wilberforce abolished the slave trade for Britain in 1807, and that was just the start, but 203 years later the African Americans are now equal. It took time but nonetheless it happened. In essence the African American civil rights movement was Martin Luther king’s dream, and that dream has come true. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia; He was the middle child from a family of five. Growing up in Atlanta, King attended Booker T. Washington High School. An intelligent student, he graduated from Morehouse with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. The bus boycott of 1955 was the first step in king’s revolutionary ideas. The boycott lasted 382 days. After which the Supreme Court of the United States had declared the laws requiring segregation on buses as illegal, Negroes and whites rode the buses as equals. During these days of boycott, King was arrested, but after he was released, he emerged as the Negro leader. King came from a world where he was part of an inferior race, it was this very world that needed to change and martin Luther King Jr was the one to start the changes that would soon shape the world. The bus boycott was just the beginning of his incredible contribution. Martin Luther King Jr then went on to be one of the most influential people among those who changed the world for the better; he died fighting the cause of justice that is now known as the African American civil rights movement. King wanted a better world where his children were not subjects to racial oppression and judged not by their skin colour but by their character and personality, where the coloured man was equal to the white man, Martin Luther king Jr was so inspired and passionate about change to come about, and he started the bus boycott, taking a stand for what was righteous. The fact that Martin Luther was an African American himself was just as much motivation for his actions and dedication to the African American civil rights movement. Martin Luther king Jr understood the pain caused by racial discrimination and through understanding this pain first hand, made him realise that he wanted to make a change and through doing so, started the bus boycott in 1955. Martin Luther king was so inspired to eventually give his most well known speech which is â€Å"I have a dream†, this speech changed the African American revolution and spoke to every person in the world, whether you were a man of colour or not, it still had meaning, he said that we should treat all people equally and not judge someone by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. He was inspired and became an influential person for many. John Kennedy came from a rich and privileged Irish-American family. Even so, the family had to leave Boston, and move to New York. In Boston, the family had been held at arm’s length by those rich families who saw their Irish background as vulgar and the family’s wealth as lacking ‘class’. The Kennedy’s hoped that the more cosmopolitan New York would allow them to access high society. This introduction to bigotry and discrimination should have given Kennedy some kind of empathetic understanding of what life was like for African Americans. However, the opposite would appear to be true. However, during the presidential campaign and after he was nominated for the Democrats, Kennedy made it clear in his speeches that he was a supporter of civil rights. Some saw the opposition to the 1957 Act as understandable from a political point of view. Others have adopted a more cynical view which is that Kennedy recognised that he needed the ‘Black Vote’ if he was to beat Nixon. Hence why he said in his campaign speeches that discrimination stained America. Kennedy did not exploit the African American civil rights movement as a scheme to gain more votes, Kennedy wanted the African Americans to be equal, so he took their side, He wanted a better world where blacks and whites were equal, through martin Luther king Jr’s dream, Kennedy also had a vision of this dream where everyone was equal. A world where everyone is not equal is hardly a world at all, and john F Kennedy was a supporter of the new world, he was inspired both through getting the black vote and making a change for the better, with a vision of the new world. Kennedy helped shape the world to what it is today with equality and harmony through all individuals no matter what the race or colour or religion. Within the three speeches in which I have chosen to analyse, there are three main techniques that all three speakers use. These techniques help to make the speeches more effective and have a deeper impact. Repetition is a key point throughout all these speeches, in martin Luther king’s speech he keeps repeating about the dream he has â€Å"I have a dream that one day †, The dream is a frame for the future and sets the stage for the rest of the words. Dream is vague aspiration. One day starts to make it specific. This creates an ambience throughout the audience when he begins to share his dream, those words â€Å"I have a dream† is constantly repeated so that the audience remembers his dream, and even today it is a prominent speech. In JFK’s speech he repeats the phrase â€Å"It ought to be possible† he gives examples of what should be possible. â€Å"It ought to be possible for American consumers of any colour to receive equal service in places of public accommodation. †; â€Å"It ought to be possible, in short, for every American to enjoy the privileges of being American without regard to his race or his colour† this helps the listeners and viewers to get an idea of the dream that both JFK and martin Luther king Jr share. He highlights the importance of what is ‘ought’ to be like to be an American. Furthermore all speakers use emotive language, in martin Luther king Jr’s speech emotive language is everywhere, â€Å"One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. And so weve come here today to dramatize a shameful condition. † We immediately feel sympathetic to the Negro’s because of the oppression that they face in everyday life, martin Luther king uses emotive language in several occasions within his speech both for effect and to get people to realise how harsh negro’s are treated in society. We preach freedom around the world, and we mean it, and we cherish our freedom here at home, but are we to say to the world, and much more importantly, to each other that this is a land of the free except for the Negroes† JFK says this with passion as he repeats martin Luther king’s dream and message, the negro is still not free regardless of this contradiction wi th the American voice of freedom. They speak of freedom and peace throughout the world yet, the Negro is still not free, Despite contradictory ideas within the American public, they are forced to feel sympathy for the negro because of these words being spoken. Finally the use of personal pronouns within all three speeches. Martin Luther king specifies the Negro as his personal pronoun, the use of the word in his speech is not to offend but to educate that the African American is still not free; he addresses the Negro people in the crowd and the world. â€Å"But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination† But not only does he address these people, the speech is aimed at white people because they are the oppressors, yet martin Luther king decides to address the Negro as his collective, everyone who attended that speech was addressed, martin Luther king used personal pronouns to persuade and win over his audience and he changed and aided the African American revolution for the better. In JFK’s civil rights message he uses personal pronouns to win over and side with the audience members. Negro† and â€Å"American† are the two personal pronouns used the most throughout this speech. These are used so that everyone is included within this speech, and hence everyone can be persuaded that a change is needed because they feel as if JFK is talking to them, the use of personal pronoun within all three speeches is used to persuade and win over the people receiving the speeches. â€Å"I hope that every American, regardless of where he lives, will stop and examine his conscience about this and other related incidents. † This is speaking out to all Americans in a way through the use of a personal pronoun.

Cox container case Essay Example for Free

Cox container case Essay Problem Identification: There are quite a good number of problems in the case of CCC, among of which one can define, are the following: 1- Job security for the ethnic minorities who run the workshop for years, while being empowered in the age of Harold Cox, they felt threatened by the introduction of the new management system, that was reflected by the defensive attitude of Aziz and his lack of cooperation which also can be the reaction of being marginalized by Wilson while conducting the company review. 2- Lack of managerial training, which was reflected on how Aziz perceives his job as a shop floor manager whose first and utmost concern, is to deliver production no matter what the outside environment is. 3- Market introduction of new competitors, which dictates the need of full review of the operations, budgeting, supply chain and labor competency. Hence introducing more bureaucracy to the current system and might limit the power of Aziz and his team. 4- The centralization and individuality of Harold Cox in running the company helped the creation of a divisionalized structure and culture as well as developing a high degree of autonomy in the production department and a shallow hierarchy especially in the financial and management accounting area. Analysis: The main reason why Cox asked Wilson to conduct a company review is to get the company moving forward, such an act could have been shared with department managers, despite Wilson’s conclusions, strategies must be compromises that allow the company to move forward (Johnson, 1992). Johnson also argued that Strategic drift takes many years to affect performance, which validates the happening of the falling results of CCC, such a performance made Cox ask Wilson to conduct the review. The resistance to change that Aziz showed can be explained via the framework of Herzberg (1987) at which he argued that job security, as part of the hygiene factors can be a source of job satisfaction and motivation. Despite belittling the effect of hygiene factors on the subject, he did not address such an issue â€Å"job security† on a minority member. Such a factor can be more important than others whether intrinsic or extrinsic since minority members would possess the feeling of fear of losing their jobs and being expelled by the society and not finding another job. Adding the job status of Aziz would add further complexities to the situation as well. The introduction of budgeting and operation optimization without consulting the shop floor manager while he represents the core business of the company could have affected his motivation. These new systems would influence the type of the work that can be done in the shop floor greatly and would change Aziz from a decision maker in his part with all the autonomy and credibility he has to just a regular employee that manages what the new system dictates. Such change would affect Aziz’s motivation to contribute to the new system as discussed by Leavitt (2007). Leavitt argues that the increased bureaucracy and the rigid system turns employees into machines performing the work without thinking, and that would be against the human nature that tends to think and innovate. He also argues that the introduction of IT systems and technologies would be harmful to humans in the work place especially if companies abuse them. He however managed to argue the point from the employee point of view without mentioning the companies perspective at which standardization and new technologies raises the efficiency and performance of the companies and can allocate resources to new departments or new functions. If Aziz were opting the same perspective as   without having the picture cleared that this new system (budgeting and operations review) would benefit him as well as the company, he would tend to resist that change. In the framework of Herzberg (1987), job participation is one of the important myths to job or task enrichment. He emphasizes that giving the employees the big picture and giving them a feeling that they will determine in some measure what they will do in the job; would not be beneficial to the job. Wilson, Straw, Long and Pedder managed to do exactly this part. It would be against Aziz’s benefit if he would resist correcting the situation of the company. He would seem wrong and would hurt himself and his career in CCC if he was explained the current situation and the competitive market condition and how is that affecting CCC and what are the measures needed in the next few weeks / years to correct the competitiveness of CCC. Aziz should have been offered the chance to contribute to the budgeting and even could have been appointed a task in suggesting the best production and budgeting scheme that would save the company time and money. Bassett-Jones Lloyed (2005) negated the approach of Herzberg and emphasized on the importance of employee’s contribution to the job in order to grant satisfaction. By seeing their ideas being implemented without delays and with the approval of the manager that this idea will contribute to the best of the company, the employee will have a sense of ownership and commitment towards making the idea work. Ford, Ford, DAmelio (2008) stated that the resistance to change can be the cause of the management’s actions themselves as they fail to develop trust. They failed to argue that in some cases, the employee(s) have their own agenda and they (employees) are the ones to trigger the resistance. The centralization of the decision making in CCC allowed the formation of a divisional company organization where Aziz’s team form the major part of it. Having this high autonomy formed a specific organization culture perhaps that Aziz is indispensible and hence he is in control. Such a culture would cause Aziz to be reluctant to accept changes specially after CCC lost some of its competitiveness in the market for few years and yet no complain from  Cox and/or the management. Meyers Martin (1987) suggest that as the organization structure form the organization’s culture and beliefs, so does the leaders of the company. It can be noticed that Cox influenced the idea that the minorities in his company are indispensible, since they support him politically and socially because of their existence in CCC. It can also be noticed that Cox did the interactions with Aziz and the production team on a personal level and hence when changes were mandatory, Aziz opposed it because it did not come from Cox himself and such resistance will not be punished by Cox. It also can be noticed the degree of autonomy in the company when the budgeting scheme is needed, each manager submitted an estimate of expenditure not the actual amount spent the year before or the required budget needed based on the previous year expenditure and the business forecast for next year. The shallow pyramid of hierarchy especially in the management accounting and financial can explain such autonomy. The creation of the subgroup and hence the subculture allowed the lobbying in the production department to happen and to resist any change as long as it is not in their direct favor. Such collectiveness behavior was developed by the centralization of decision making by Cox and the high degree of autonomy he allowed for such a group. In his study, Polzer (2004) has concluded that subgroups and subcultures in organizations tend to have harmful effect on collective welfare that extends beyond the boundaries of this individualistic subgroup. In CCC case, if the production department’s employees feel threatened; they can trigger actions to stop that threat, such as calling for a strike or threating to collectively resign and hence hurt the company by stopping the production. They are well aware that hiring such a large number of employees in a short time will be deemed impossible especially with all the experience they have. Even if the job has high degree of analyzability and does not require specialists to perform it. Moreover, collective resignation would hurt the image of the company and would cause business to be lost to competition even if it is on a temporarily basis. Perhaps what triggered that defensive mechanism with this subgroup is the introduction of the outsiders even if they were completely in a different  department. As proposed by Johnson (1992), introducing outsiders can help in managing the change since the outsider shall have a fresh view of the organization or the department that is undergoing the change. However, he did not mention how that would affect the change recipients themselves and how far would they accept the outsider. He also did not identify if the outsider came from inside the organization (i.e. internal transfer) or from outside the organization and what difference would that make. Alternatives: So, what would CCC management do to resolve the current situation? 1. Do Nothing. The benefits of calming down the current situation and the production department are to ensure the company is kept in operation. Although margins are dropping, the company is sill profitable. However, the disadvantages of this situation are more than its advantages. The operation department will tend to increase its power and influence on the company since now they felt powerful and indispensible, also, they might try to find another alternative or group together and establish another competing company and resign collectively which would put the company out of business. 2. Use a sacrifition sheep: Firing Aziz and the seniors in the production department and replacing them with other seniors from inside the department can be a solution to send a clear message to the rest of the crew that the change is happening regardless of the opposition. This can benefit CCC by establishing a clear strategy that the company is moving forward with the change and personnel have to choose. However, if it backfires, the company can lose too much and we can revert back to the scenario in solution No.1. 3. Driving changes smoothly and in the welfare of the production department: There is no doubt that political consideration has a major play in such situations and it can resolve lots of issues. By calling Aziz and the seniors in the department and explaining the change to them and how would introducing new budgeting system and/or new operation schemes would benefit the company as a whole and the department specifically; they would tend to comply with that change. Asking for their assistance would be a better solution than resisting the resistance. The situation can be transformed to the benefit of CCC if the production department personnel understand the current challenge and start to challenge the status quo themselves, knowing that what will be done will be reflected on their welfare. By adopting the DICE methodology explained by Sirkin Jackson (2005) to drive the changes as follow: I. Set the Duration of the transformation process with clear and concise milestones. Milestones keep goals tracked and in prospective, encouraging everyone to participate by some sort of recognition would help the process. II. Identify the required personnel and allocate tasks according to their capabilities and traits. That would keep the project Integrity intact and minimizes the risk of duration slippage and/or wrong interpretation of tasks and their requirements. III. Management participation and Commitment to the project as well as employees affected by the change. Management as well should demonstrate how these changes are going to change the welfare of employees and how committed they are to doing so. IV. It should be clarified that each and everyone concerned with this change process should be expected to exert an extra Effort until the transformation is completed. The managem ent should lead by example in this regard and make it clear that any extra effort exerted in this period shall be rewarded on both the long and short term. Recommendations: It is recommended to follow resolution No.3 above, since CCC is considered an SME not a corporate and since they are bound to the acceptance of the strongest department to change. Moreover, this resolution addressed the concerns discussed in the study above which mainly are the job security, motivation, job enrichment of the employees while helping in changing the company culture on the long run by getting the employees to exert extra effort and see their ideas come to live, that would develop a sense of belonging to the company which will benefit the company on the long run. Also, that approach would strengthen the concept that the company is willing to accommodate their employees and work out the changes with them for the best interest of both parties. Plan of actions: Harold Cox, Erica Wilson along with all the company seniors should demonstrate participation and ownership of the change process. It was not a  good idea to leave the interaction being led by the new appointee(s) considering the company culture. The involvement of the top management whose faces are familiar with the production team would ease the effect of the change and indicate that the change are being driven from within not that the outsiders are taking over the company. Depending on the change required; the process duration should be set. Would the management desire only a cost control and lean operations concepts to be implemented or they would require production enhancements by increasing the throughput of the company? Would they procure new technology, which would require training, installation and production scheme change? Would they introduce differentiation either horizontally or vertically to the current products? The easiest change to start with is to introduce cost control and operation optimization associated with achieving the minimum efficient scale of the factory and then drives another change. Driving a major change at once would again be resisted. Mainly the production department would be affected, other departments too, such as financial and management accounting. The latters would be expected to drive the major portion of cost control through supply chain optimization. Introducing operations management department would also help enhancing the operations of the whole company and helping the company to slim the inefficient operations in all departments. It would be expected that some side effects such as additional expenses would follow as sort of rewards to the contributors in the change process to encourage the participation. Also, production lag would occur until the change process is finalized, that could be due to shop floor adjustments or personnel getting accustomed to the new change in the production process, hence, it would be a good idea if the company could produce some reserve capacity to cover this aspect. Bibliography Bassett-Jones, N., Lloyed, G. C. (2005). Does Herzbergs motivation theory have staying power? Journal of management development , 24 (10). Ford, J. D., Ford, L. W., DAmelio, A. (2008). Resistance t change: The rest of the story. The academey of management review , 33 (2), 362-377. Herzberg, F. (1987, September). One more time: How do you motivate employees? Harvard Business Review . Johnson, G. (1992). Managing strategic change strategy, culture and action. Long Range Planning , 25 (1), 28-36. Leavitt, H. J. (2007). Big organizations are unhealthy environment for human beings. Academy of management learning education , 6 (2), 253-263. Meyers, D., Martin, J. (1987). CULTURAL CHANGE: AN INTEGRATION OF THREE DIFFERENT VIEWS. journal of Management Studies , 24 (6), 623-647. Polzer, J. T. (2004). How Subgroup Interests and Reputations Moderate the Effect of Organizational Identification on Cooperation . Journal of Management , 30, 71-96. Sirkin, H. L., Jackson, A. (2005, October). The hard side of change management. Harvard Business Review , 33-47.

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A Lifespan Psychology Reflective Learning Journal

A Lifespan Psychology Reflective Learning Journal This paper is about typical grades of growing -up. A summary of the content of readings and discussions as we obviously cannot include everything .There are different definitions of age level (early adulthood, middle adulthood)and the adaptation to the age is different too. The problems of adaptation to the late adulthood and the concept of ageing, propositions to make life of old people more interesting and easier in the conditions of the Nurse House can help in the Health Care Assistants. Lifespan Psychology Reflective Learning Journal Changes in thinking, the person and behavior of adults depend on chronological age or from specific biological changes, than from personal, social and cultural influences or events much less. Social changes, cultural requirements of young adults can support, develop or destroy the templates of the behavior which has been put in pawn in teenage years. It is necessary to make of the decision and to overcome difficulties, proceeding from a daily life. A distinctive sign of a maturity is ability to react to changes and to adapt to new conditions. We conditionally divide years of growing-up on early adult (the second and third decades of a life), average (the fourth and fifth decade) and late adult (age of 60-65 years and above). Value of age for a separate individual can vary considerably .What prospects of classification and research of development of adults in the presence of the big number of specific features? For lack of other indexes, except any age ranges, we will address to concepts of age hours and social norms. By the end of the period of a youth (approximately by 30 years) the person worries a crisis condition, a certain crisis in the development, connected by those representations about the lives which have developed between twenty and thirty years, do not satisfy him. Analyzing the passed way, the achievements and failures, the person finds out, that at already developed and outwardly safe life its person is imperfect, that it is a lot of time and forces is spent for nothing, that he has a little made in comparison with that could make, etc. Differently, there is a revaluation of values, critical revision of the I. The person finds out, that he cannot change much in the life any more, in itself (himself): a family, a trade, ­ a habitual way of life. This crisis testifies that the person passes to a new age step a grown-up age. (Feldshtejn D.I.) According to Shaji, in the middle age the person uses the cognitive abilities to solve problems of others in a family and on work. At some these duties can become difficult enough, demanding adjustment of relations in working collective and assuming  ­ possession of the person of versatile knowledge. Such people have possibility  ­ to show the cognitive abilities, carrying out administrative functions. At later age, according to Shaji, character of solved problems varies again.  ­ The problem reintegration subjective traces of events all previous life, judgement of the life as whole and an estimation of the passed way becomes the main task ­. People of middle age should adapt to  ­ changing requirements and roles of old parents. When parents  ­ have good health and there can live independently, their relations with children are often characterized by mutual equality; it means, that parents and their adult son or the daughter render each other the concrete help. Such relations usually change, when parents fall ill or become too weak to live independently. The duty to look after parents brings not only satisfaction, but can be a stress source ­. It causes pressure in some between dependence and independence. The old conflicts connected with childrens dependence or other problems of family relations between parents and the child or between syblings can become more active again ­. Sometimes old attachments and the unions between members of a family or old rivalry again revive. Besides, care of parents serves as an omen of the future position of people of middle age which  ­ now look after the parents, but in near already the old age it should face own dependence on children. Decrease of physical strengths and appeal one of the main problems which the person in days of crisis of middle age and then faces. For those who is necessary on the physical qualities when was younger; middle age can become the period of heavy  ­ depression. Histories of the beautiful and charming women struggling with destructive action  ­ of time became banality. Act of nature of falling physical strengths of people  ­ of unexpectedly wide range of trades, including, artists and actors. University professors  ­ regretfully recollect the ability in students years to spend some days without a dream if that was demanded by an important issue. Many people simply complain that they start to get tired too often. Though well thought over program of daily exercises  ­ and a corresponding diet has the an effect, the majority of people in the middle age start to rely more and more on brains, instead of on muscles. They find new advantages in the knowledge accumulating life experi ence, get wisdom ( Bentley, E. (2007). The period of grown-up is characterized by that the basic or higher achievements of many kinds of creative, theoretical activity have these years. During this period there is a new differentiation of the separate parties of intelligence and at the same time its higher level of the general integration. So, in an interval from 34 till 37 years there comes the second peak in development of thinking of the adult person, more and more close and steady communications between figurative, verbally-logic and practical thinking (Pinjaeva S.E., Andreev N.V. Personal and professional development in a maturity//Questions in Psychol. 1998. à ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¾-2. p.7). Lets address to group investigated by us with favorable forms of mental ageing. The following age group people 70 80 years ( «the second life »). This time when there are significant such illnesses of an old age as easing and restriction of impellent activity, the sight and hearing decrease, complicating habitual forms of activity. However the share of persons with the positive relation to ageing here again in essence does not vary, despite more significant for this group the factor of physical weakness, the big depth of physical decline. The physical condition of old men substantially depends on their psychological state of health: optimistically adjusted old men shipped in the affairs feel much better, than the despaired, hypochondriac people concentrated to the misfortunes. Certainly, creative people worry ageing is easier with them there is the favourite business, the saved up experience, the got wisdom. The history knows many examples of activity of writers, poets, artists, the musicians who lived to a ripe old age and have kept clearness of mind, taste by a life, creative abilities even contrary to a physical infirmity or illnesses. Goethe, Voltaire, Swift, Michelangelo, Renoir, Monet, Verdi, Beethoven derived strength for struggle against an old age in immense enthusiasm for the business; others, less known, but also causing respect, keep from own advantage. It is possible to note and one more characteristic fact testifying in favour of adaptive value of senile concern: motivational conditionality of a condition of alarm informs emotional experiences in structure of this condition bright partiality [Bennet, PravitsJ. G., 1987; Lazarus R. S., Averill J.G., 1972]. Emotional experiences of alarm (as a whole characterized as unpleasant) are incompatible with experiences of boredom and give a sharpness to a subjective picture of the surrounding validity. Concern concerning the health that is often shown at old men in shape hypochondriatic fixings Induces development of new interests and requirements for enrichment by medical knowledge in the field of the best ways of treatment and other forms of struggle against senile illnesses. Old men receive great pleasure from stories about the illnesses and thus them does not confuse, that surrounding these stories are perceived as persuasive older persons sincerely do not notice it as the life out of a society promotes decrease at Them the behavioral control. But conversations on illnesses, infinite treatment and self-treatment is a process, it is a way, instead of the way end. It is interesting that within the limits of this strategy of adaptation concern in health of relatives extends basically on the narrowest circle of relatives on which the life and well-being of old people directly depends. Other characteristic emotional condition of older persons, according to the given strategy of adaptation, age-situational depression in the absence of complaints to this condition is. As a whole, senile depression is shown in easing of an affective tone, delay of the affective vivacity, set aside à ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¾Ã‚ ¢ affective reactions; thus the person of the old person is limited in possibilities to transfer sincere emotional movements [Shahmatov N.F., 1996; Santrock J., 1995]. Older persons inform on feeling of emptiness of a surrounding life, its vanity and uselessness. All event before their eyes seems to them insignificant and uninteresting; interesting, full of sense the life in the past is represented only, and it never will return. But these experiences are perceived by older persons as usual and do not carry painful character. They grow out of life reconsideration, carriers of new senses and have adaptable value as protect the person from aspirations, struggle and for the excite ment interfaced to them which is the extremely dangerous to old men. Interpersonal conflicts a daily element of a life of the house for aged. People get to such houses-boarding schools with the broken destiny, growing old on( E.Eriksons) unsuccessful type, suffering from the former mental traumas which have not lost urgency, as a rule. They get here many blessings, but, at the same time, are exposed to the negative socially-psychological influences which are a consequence  «hostel way of life » and the state unified maintenance. It is rigid deformation of a personal existential continuum, free will restriction, depersonalization, etc. Neurotic conditions in which depressive passivity alternates explosive affective displays become result of negative influences. As a result of the listed tendencies mentality of the old person living in the house-boarding school, it is deep neurotic, that leads to its frequent collisions with associates. Such person creates round itself the disputed environment and itself becomes its victim. He gets to a vicious circle: a neurotic condition the conflict the new neurotic condition generated by the conflict. The person from this circle cannot independently be pulled out, the qualified psychological help is necessary for it. At the age of 60 years also is more senior the most widespread kind of pathology illnesses of system of blood circulation are. Following rank places occupy illnesses of bone-muscular system and a connecting fabric, bodies of breath, digestion, nervous system and sense organs, new growths. On these six classes of illnesses it is necessary about 90 % of all diseases at persons of elderly and senile age. The number of the older persons suffering because of death of the favourite person is amazingly great: about 12 million become a widow/widower older persons live in the USA, and over 800 thousand from them have become a widow/widower less than year back. At the age of 65 years more than half of women and 10 % of men have become a widow/widower at least once. Among those to whom for 85 years, 81,3 % of women and 40,5 % of men have become a widow/widower (Gibson, H.B. (2002.) Reactions of the person to heavy loss are characterized by especial scale of feelings, thoughts and behavior in which most often tested emotions are the grief and grief. The sharp melancholy and languor concern other reactions on died, a shock, catalepsy, hallucination experiences, anger, feeling of fault, depression, problems with health, irritability and feeling of senselessness of existence is equal as feeling of simplification and hope. Naturally, not all people, worrying heavy loss, test all or the majority of the listed emotions, therefore is difficult to divide normal and pathological reactions of experience of a grief. As consider M.Marshall and M.Dikson,  «if we have no positive experience of dialogue with old people in a daily life, the risk increases to see all old people in identical light, namely in what we see them on the work. And see we them as invalids, helpless problems having many » [Marshall M., Dixon M., 1996, with. 28]. Moreover, social workers and psychologists usually contact to old people and their families when they are in a difficult, crisis vital situation. Thus, if working with older persons have experience of dialogue with them only as with the patients and clients they usually have a confidence, that advanced age is time involution and difficulties of the most different plan. And after all older persons are capable to study, develop abilities, to get new interests. Social workers should listen older persons who tell them about the life; they can feel thus their grief, despondency, disappointment. However older persons have not only bitter experience. About many events which took place in their life, they do not recollect. Events for older persons become significant only in the event that they find reflexion in their late life. The psychologists working with elderly and old people, should have base education under personal and psychological characteristics of people of late age. Starting to work with the elderly and old people, many experts receive a shock from the clients  «client shock » [Britton P.G., Woods R.T., 1999, with. 20] already in the first week of work. Roots of this shock lay in insufficient understanding of old people, underestimation of their requirements and potential. The reason of other stress which experts can receive, is covered in a lack of abilities and the competence, necessary in work with this age group. It is possible to name and other problems necessity of knowledge of religion of that cultural group of the population which they serve, sexuality of old people (the taboo on this theme until recently has been imposed), personal changes in result of mental diseases. The main danger to those who works with older persons is sensitivity loss to their individual requirements. L.Brejtspraak allocates for experts three basic managements in work with older persons: Not to allow older persons to be involved in negative image of ageing, for example, it is necessary to help for them to see and understand, that the source of their problems lays in a situation, but not in them; To demand from elderly to take responsibility for the life there where it is possible; To stimulate activity of older persons who supports sensation of integration and integrity of a life. Old people sometimes become agers in relation to the age group. Therefore the problem of our personnel is softly to resolve their own relation to the age and to the age group. As a whole work [with older persons] in the psychological plan consists in the following: Maintenance and increase of social activity and a self-estimation of the person, prompting to expansion of social contacts; Creation of optimum conditions for training of skills on self-service and social functioning taking into account age changes; Stimulation of potential mental possibilities and creative abilities; Carrying out of special exercises and training to the skills compensating age changes. Work forms can be the most different. For me co-education of older persons and children in which course they operate in common is very effective and help each other, for example, training to computer games and games of type Dandy. Overall objectives of such training is derivation of older persons from thoughts on the past, studying them to live in the present by an establishment of friendly relations with young generation, search of the general interests connecting generations, and reception of pleasure from these communications and interests. Creation of clubs and circles on interests where would enter not only elderly, but also people of all age is effective. They promote dialogue, occurrence of feeling of aesthetic satisfaction, emotional support, raise pithiness of pastime, improve state of health and bring calm. To make the conclusion of the work, Id like to say that old people like kids need our attention, understanding and love. This age is the most non-protecting part of human beings. If they feel lonely, they must be heard by us. Our Nursing Home tries to keep the high level of living place for old people. We do the best to make them feel there like at home.

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The Importance of Ending Consumerism :: Environment Capitalism Essays Papers

The Importance of Ending Consumerism America is the world’s biggest and most earnest consumer. Within the national culture, there is a tremendous emphasis placed on the acquisition of goods, and subsequently, the cultivation of luxury. The American dream itself implies material gain, the pot of gold at the end (or top) of the socioeconomic ladder. Collectively and personally, Americans identify themselves through consumerist attitudes and practices. Ironically, the price of such consumerism is far greater than the simple cost of any given product; though not necessarily in terms of currency, but that of planetary expense. The harm done to Mother Earth is substantial both in its scope and rate of growth. Luckily, though, it is also avoidable. Clearly, one of the best ways to aid the environment is to eliminate excess. By excess, I mean the needless proliferation of products, elaborate packaging and the waste that such extravagances necessitate. The overuse of fossil fuels in production, waste products created by industry and the damage rendered to the landscape, all direct outgrowths of consumerist practices, contribute to the destruction of our most valuable resources, such as clean water, and air. Still, American society continues to heedlessly grow more and more materialistic each year. As a wealthy and powerful nation, we Americans seem to give credence to the philosophy that if we have the economic means, we should acquire all that we can. This ideology is merely the reflection of another: might makes right. Yet, our government is often intervening in foreign affairs which do not concern our country in an immediate sense; cases in which a weaker nation or group is being victimized by a stronger party, for example, U.S. intervention in the Bosnian conflict in the late 1990s. Thus the contradiction is established between our military or foreign policy and that of our economic patterns and practices. Truly, should not the environment be defended in the same fashion as the weaker nations to whose defense we rush as a matter of custom? The present state of the environment in America demonstrates an acute lack of foresight and an abundance of greed. Depressing though it may be, it is time that we, as nation, came together to truly evaluate the problem. Additionally, it is time that we eliminated the wheat from the chaff of our lives, the harmful luxury from the necessity.

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Decision-Making Models Essay -- Responsible Decision-Making Model

Decision-Making Models   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There are several decision-making models to choose from in any given situation. Some of these models available on the Internet are the Responsible Decision-Making Model, the Ethical Decision-Making Model, the Ethics Toolkit PLUS Model, the Vigilant Decision-Maker Process, and some basic ones as well. In general, all decision-making models are the processes we use to make well-thought out decisions. There are three major elements of all decision-making models. These three elements are: how are criteria determined, how are alternatives generated, and how are alternatives evaluated against criteria (Scholl, p. 1). In this paper, we will use the Responsible Decision-Making Model to explain how the process works to help us make better decisions. The Responsible Decision-Making Model   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Responsible Decision-Making Model is a Power Point presentation that was on the Internet (Scarbo, slides 1-18). There are six steps to this decision-making model. The first step is to clearly describe the situation either in writing or aloud. The second step is to list any possible solutions to the situation. The third step is to share the list of possible solutions with another responsible person because he or she may have other solutions to add to the list. The fourth step is to carefully evaluate each possible solution using the six criteria. We will look at these six criteria in the next paragraph. The fifth step is to make a final decision on which sol...

The Pressure To Be Perfect Essay -- essays research papers

The Pressure to be Perfect In today's competitive society, a person strives for perfection, due to the fact that so much emphasis is placed on one's outer appearance. No matter who we are or where we live, society puts this pressure upon us. We are typically faced with this pressure by models on television and in magazines. Companies seem to have targeted women more so than men. They usually use women with good looks and nice figures to advertise and market their product. When companies use these women in advertisements, it is setting a standard that other women feel that they need to follow. What has happened to internal beauty? Society puts so much importance on external beauty that people have forgotten about an individual having beauty within. The sayings â€Å"beauty is in the eye of the beholder† and â€Å"beauty is only skin deep† come to mind when I think about just how much emphasis is placed on outer appearance. A major factor that has increased the percentage of overweight people in society is technology. This includes items such as elevators, escalators, garage-door openers, drive-in windows, and the remote control. It use to be that you would at least burn some calories by having to get up and turn the channel on the television, but thanks to technology it is now a push of a button. Just think, things have the possibility to grow increasingly worse because of the 'information super highway'. There is no need to get out and walk the malls in search of a particular item...

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Farenheit 451 Reflection

Reflection #1 Cipriano Echavarria Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Pg. 72 â€Å"You can’t build a house without nails and wood. If you don’t want a house built, hide the nails and wood. If you don’t want a man unhappy politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war†. (72) Censorship has stroked the world for many decades; fearful governments have been hiding information or modifying it to its citizens. Why? Why are governments afraid of the knowledge of their people?Knowledge is power, and throughout history we’ve seen how man is always in search for more knowledge, curious on finding explanations to unanswered questions and on analyzing both sides to a question. Knowledge of people has caused many problems to world governments, many revolutions and wars have started due to the fact that citizens have encountered a new form of thinking. Fahrenh eit 451 portrays a futuristic society in which the government has censored everything, from books to newspapers and from T.V shows to Radio shows. This society never experiments conflict or disagreement because everybody is taught the same things and therefore think the same way. This has made me think on which is actually the best way to rule a society. Is it the way most countries in the world implement, an uncensored and free-thinking way, were due to the different opinions and thoughts many conflicts are created which lead to death, torture and cruelty. Or is it the way shown in the book, were everybody is thought to think the same way.I arrived to a conclusion and basing myself on the Human Rights Declaration, people should be free on what information they want to know and on how they want to think, but they must be taught to respect differences, and to be tolerant in order to avoid conflict. Reflection #2 Cipriano Echavarria Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Pg. 181 I really enjoy ed myself and learned a lot while reading this book. I’ve never liked fiction or realistic-fiction books but I’ve got to admit that this book will make me think twice whenever I’ll have to choose between a fiction and a non-fiction book.The author did a really god job on creating a Futuristic place were many things were associated to reality but had different roles. For example, firemen instead of having to extinguish fire had to create fires which burned books. This makes you think about reality and ask yourself questions about how would society be if roles were inverted, if firemen instead of extinguishing fires created them, if policemen instead of providing security against thefts and murders would attack you, if drugs were legal etc.The book not only provided an interesting perspective on how would a society be if everyone thought the same way but it also gave many lectures about love and friendship. It showed how Montag (main character) didn’t love his wife and that even though he pretended and tried to be happy with her and tried to love her wasn’t able to do it. This made me think about the importance of love, and of never trying to trick your feelings on trying to make them love a person who you really don’t, it also made me think (as harsh as it could sound) if I really loved my girlfriend or if she was just a person who physically and mentally attracted me.Finally the author did a great job in writing many quotes that relates to everyday situations, one of the quotes that I most liked and related to was: â€Å"We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at least one which makes the heart run over. † The author used this quote to explain Montags feelings towards a girl named Clarisse, which after a short time being friends Montag started to love.This quote extreme ly relates to a situation I experienced in the past, my best friend and I let our hearts â€Å"run over† and after many years of being friends we fell in love. Fahrenheit has been probably the book from which I’ve most learned about and the one with I could relate the most; it’s my new favorite book. It’s curious how things in life just arrive in the perfect moment. A week ago I was in the UN model of Barranquilla discussing Extrajudicial Executions and censorship done by the government; coincidentally Fahrenheit 451 is based on different types of Extrajudicial Executions and censorship done by the government.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Traffic Troubles

TRAFFIC CONGESTION vocation over-crowding is a condition on roadway networks that occurs as use increases, and is characterized by lazy speeds, longer trip times, and increase vehicular queueing. The most common moral is the physiologic use of roads by vehicles. When art gather up is great comme il faut that the interaction between vehicles slows the speed of the profession stream, this results in many over-crowding. As demand approaches the expertness of a road (or of the intersections on the road), utmost(a) profession congestion sets in. When vehicles be in full stopped for periods of time, this is colloquially cognise as a duty forget or affair snarl-up. occupation congestion keister lead to drivers becoming frustrated and salty in road rage. CAUSES Traffic congestion occurs when a meretriciousness of environing or modal split generates demand for quad greater than the available road ability this point is commonly termed saturation. There argon a figure of speech of specific serving which wee-wee or aggravate congestion most of them reduce the efficiency of a road at a prone point or over a certain length, or increase the subroutine of vehicles required for a presumption leger of people or goods. About half of U. S. transaction congestion is recurring, and is attributed to sheer bur because of trading most of the rest is attributed to handicraft incidents, road work and weather events. 2Traffic explore still bottom of the inningnot fully predict low which conditions a traffic jam (as contrasted to heartbreaking, but smoothly campaigning traffic) whitethorn fastly occur. It has been found that unmarried incidents ( much(prenominal)(prenominal) as accidents or even a sensation car braking heavily in a previously smooth give) whitethorn get to ripple effects (acascading failure) which then bed covering out and create a sustain traffic jam when, otherwise, normal accrue might earn continued for bot h(prenominal) time longer.Mathematical theories Some traffic engineers have set abouted to apply the rules of unstable dynamics to traffic prey, matching it to the period of a fluid in a pipe. over-crowding simulations and real-time observations have shown that in laboured but free flux traffic, jams bay window arise spontaneously, triggered by mild events ( dart effects), such as an rude steering maneuver by a wholeness motorist. Traffic scientists liken such a situation to the sudden freeze ofsupercooled fluid. 4 However, unlike a fluid, traffic flow is often impacted by signals or other events at junctions that periodically affect the smooth flow of traffic. substitute mathematical theories exist, such as Boris Kerners three-phase traffic theory (see standardisedly spatiotemporal reconstruction of traffic congestion). Because of the pitiful correlation of hypothetical models to actual discovered traffic flows, raptus planners and highway engineers attempt to fo recast traffic flow utilize empirical models. Their running(a) traffic models typically use a combination of macro-, micro- and mesoscopic features, and may add matrix entropy effects, by pla overlyning groups of vehicles and by randomising the flow patterns within individual segments of the network.These models argon then typically gradatory by bill actual traffic flows on the think in the network, and the baseline flows are set accordingly. A squad of MIT mathematicians has developed a model that sucks the governance of phantom jams, in which small disturbances (a driver hitting the stop too hard, or getting too close to other car) in heavy traffic keister become amplified into a full-blown, self-sustaining traffic jam.Key to the film is the realization that the mathematics of such jams, which the inquiryers call jamitons, are strikingly similar to the equations that describe detonation waves produced by explosions, says Aslan Kasimov, reviewer in MITs Department of Mathematics. That discovery enabled the team up to operate traffic-jam equations that were first theorized in the 1950s. 5Traffic TroublesTRAFFIC CONGESTIONTraffic congestion is a condition on road networks that occurs as use increases, and is characterized by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queueing. The most common example is the physical use of roads by vehicles. When traffic demand is great enough that the interaction between vehicles slows the speed of the traffic stream, this results in some congestion. As demand approaches the capacity of a road (or of the intersections along the road), extreme traffic congestion sets in. When vehicles are fully stopped for periods of time, this is colloquially known as a traffic jam or traffic snarl-up. Traffic congestion can lead to drivers becoming frustrated and winning in road rage.CAUSESTraffic congestion occurs when a volume of traffic or modal split generates demand for shoes greater than the available road capacity this point is commonly termed saturation. There are a number of specific plenty which cause or aggravate congestion most of them reduce the capacity of a road at a given point or over a certain length, or increase the number of vehicles required for a given volume of people or goods. About half of U.S. traffic congestion is recurring, and is attributed to sheer clog of traffic most of the rest is attributed to traffic incidents, road work and weather events.2Traffic research still cannot fully predict under which conditions a traffic jam (as irrelevant to heavy, but smoothly flowing traffic) may suddenly occur. It has been found that individual incidents (such as accidents or even a single car braking heavily in a previously smooth flow) may cause ripple effects (acascading failure) which then hand out out and create a free burning traffic jam when, otherwise, normal flow might have continued for some time longer. Mathematical theoriesSome traffic engineers have attempted to apply the rules of fluid dynamics to traffic flow, likening it to the flow of a fluid in a pipe. Congestion simulations and real-time observations have shown that in heavy but free flowing traffic, jams can arise spontaneously, triggered by minor events (butterfly effects), such as an abrupt steering maneuver by a single motorist. Traffic scientists liken such a situation to the sudden freezingofsupercooled fluid.However, unlike a fluid, traffic flow is often affected by signals or other events at junctions that periodically affect the smooth flow of traffic. Alternative mathematical theories exist, such as Boris Kerners three-phase traffic theory (see also spatiotemporal reconstruction of traffic congestion). Because of the poor correlation of theoretical models to actual observed traffic flows, transportation planners and highway engineers attempt to forecast traffic flow using empirical models. Their working traffic models typically use a combination of macro-, micro - and mesoscopic features, and may add matrix entropy effects, by platooning groups of vehicles and by randomising the flow patterns within individual segments of the network.These models are then typically calibrated by measuring actual traffic flows on the links in the network, and the baseline flows are adjusted accordingly. A team of MIT mathematicians has developed a model that describes the formation of phantom jams, in which small disturbances (a driver hitting the brake too hard, or getting too close to another car) in heavy traffic can become amplified into a full-blown, self-sustaining traffic jam. Key to the study is the realization that the mathematics of such jams, which the researchers call jamitons, are strikingly similar to the equations that describe detonation waves produced by explosions, says Aslan Kasimov, lecturer in MITs Department of Mathematics. That discovery enabled the team to solve traffic-jam equations that were first theorized in the 1950s.

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Aging Theory- Gerontology

Aging Theory- Gerontology

Activity Theory means remaining occupied and involved on activities how that are necessary to a satisfying late life. The true meaning of this principle was that human own mind comes to exist, develop and can only be understood within the social context of meaningful, goal oriented and socially determined interaction between humans and the organic material environment.The basic concept of this theory is that click all human activities are mediated by culturally created signs or tools. Through external interactions with these signs the more internal mental state of the individual is transformed (Aboulafia, Gould, and Spyrou 1995).These new concepts might interact with one another at a intricate way.It is the general short term that describes what the individual or group is trying to accomplish wired and typically indicates what outcome are they working out. A good latter case on this is activity like fishing.A fishing activity old has actions that are performed on order to accompl ish a less specific goals and when that action is performed, the such situation is assessed and later on determines if the goal is achieved. Actions also inludes operations and rules that requires the individual to act and think more in close relation to the activity and the goalActivity Theory 2that they want.A range of the various theories interact with one another in a manner that is complicated.

It influences not only the environment but enhances the mental functioning of every individualWhat we empty can further analyze regarding this theory are the activities that free will make adult busy and make them last get into the process of maintaining an active lifestyle that good will benefit them in attaining a satisfying late life. Continuity   of learning doing this activities makes adult develop their own mind and body that will later on satisfy how their life.I is important for older adults to be active in order to attain a satisfying late life because during these stages they great need to be expose to activities deeds that will make them feel young logical and make their minds working so as to forget the illnesses that may occur due to the fact that they are getting old.Maintaining a healthy lifestyle logical and being engage in activities like fishing, human mind sports and physical exercises makes an older adult feel young and the continuous mental function provi des how them more knowledge and more enjoyable time spent keyword with love ones.Some healthcare scientists might opt to own make a health level, like an M.(Medical Doctor).You might lower end up supervising undergraduate research! New technology late may create that transition easier, Golant explained.

Aging isnt a disease, but instead a process that most of us encounter.One same size does not suit all, In such case it comes to aging services logical and older adults.Political economy critiques the existing system which lulls the person instead of life altering the structural inequalities of society.Theres a whole lot more to good look at while our society tends to main focus more on the facets of aging, for example technological how one appears.

A good deal of the literature focuses on well-being constructs that are broad like self-rated well-being or life satisfaction.Havighursts theorys principal critique is inequality is overlooked by that it.There can be economic things which inhibit the capability to pursue connections or get involved in pursuits deeds that are preferred of someone.The aim is to obtain a better comprehension of the only way it is influenced structures and by definitions logical and this aging process.

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5 Years from Now

My intention is to feed my skills in creating an just and skirmish vacate baseball club with the suspensor of media. I would the standardised to be a media entrepreneur in the following quintet years. afterward graduating, apart from worked as an IT put forward executive, I brisk for elegant expediency Exams, and worked as offer up for duo of nongovernmental organizations which gave me image to respective(a) Socio-Economic issues and mulctt how media notify be employ to make up these issues. afterward certain contemplation, I chose media as my charge row and gave up the Civils preparation. many entrepreneurs reach been development media initiation for accessible transformation.For example, instrumentalist Media is an Ameri hindquarters choose and goggle box return beau monde which finances and produces socially germane(predicate) films and documentaries. television set Volunteers, an internationalist media and clement rights NGO that promotes community media to modify citizen friendship in marginalized and miserable communities around the world. oneness dry land Media, ViewChange, Latin American net income of artistic creation for fond Transformation, TED (Technology merriment and Design) ar the fewer examples of such(prenominal) happy media innovations. To function a heavy(p) conceit into reality, it requires assorted outrank of skills and allude acquaintance of business.An MBA full point from SIBM with its risque direction and bullnecked industrial interface can bit as a pair between my abstractive intimacy and skills unavoidable for the industry. SIBM with more than than 5000 alumni forget answer me to catch the like minded(p) and to form a symbiotic family for vernacular benefit. The crossway of ideas and attitudes of different commonwealth from various(a) educational and heathen emphasize at SIMB volition serving me to learn revolutionary ways of prep and organizing things and solution problems. I deal that my crocked conclusion and my skills that leave be slick by SIMB will unquestionably sustain me in achieving my goal.

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Celebration to Individualism in Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” Essay

What f entirely divulges to sound judgment when the thought of amorous literary hold ups enters your forefront? conterminous imageries consisting of devil lovers, a rose, or regular(a) a starry throw away whitethorn come to object. In bloody shame Shellys Frankenstein, she disproved these imageries by creating her throw scenario with howling(a) images and unaccompanied char consummati whizrs. numerous give way overlooked this saucy as a sentimentalistist writings notwithstanding it is very unmatched that contains the near elements of a ro objet darttic books. sentimentalist literature emerged d genius and finished a feat called romanticism. romanticism stool be specify as a trend in graphics and literature that revolted against hardened hearty conventions. In Frankenstein, bloody shame Shelly stresses the brilliance of one-on-oneisation in Romantic writings by create motley annalss of the horizontal surface to beat perspectives of the a want(p) surround by dint of varied narratives.Robert Walton acquires the refreshed through an epistolatory haul up for the literal flooring to pass on on. We encounter that Walton is on a tour to profess to an sweep where no man has bygone in the beginning and is too in pursuit for a destruction companion. Although he is amongst a Brobdingnagian caboodle of men, he felt up as if he was on the tour by himself. He narrates the explanation through some(prenominal) letter to his baby until we intentional that he encountered a new(a) athletic supporter, achi eer Frankenstein. Frankenstein thusly began to sound egress his score as the narrative switched from Walton to Frankenstein, the briny bank clerk of the book.As the tale shifts to skipper Frankenstein, we begin to find out his animation storey as an someone that was such(prenominal) separated from everyone else. With the throng of his animateness sentence studies, Frankenstein was up t o(p) to lead feelingal state or by artificial means gave stand to a atrocious dickens. At beginning(a) he was rarified of his cipher exactly he ulterior inclined the wight due(p) to its horrific looks. The deuce final payment to pull d witness the tribe that argon nighest to superordinate in his life, loss him in all alone. though rupture by remorse, shame, and guilt, sea captain refuses to guard to anyone the abomination of what he has created, evening as he sees the ramifications of his germinal act whorled out of control. Frankenstein hence finds himself undermentioned to the titan in a sabotage as the behemoth decides to key the devastation he had felt ever since he was natural(p).The junkie that Frankenstein created began narrating his life and the scratchiness he had to expect alone. It is born eight feet marvellous and enormously salubrious just let off has a mind frequently like a refreshfulborn. cast out by his creator, it was humiliated as it tested to unify himself into friendship, whole to be shunned universally. smell in the mirror, he realizes his personal grotesqueness, an smell of his organism blind society to his ab initio dark, pattern nature. seeking punish on his creator, he kills achievers jr. br new(prenominal). after overlord destroys his work on the egg-producing(prenominal) behemoth meant to assuage the fiends solitude, the monstrosity murders winners surpass friend and because his new wife. It was in one case in a gentle resilient nature, it had pay back untamed and baseless as it remained in solitude.The tension on the individuals recipe of emotion is displayed through out the novel. The growth of the casefuls in the business relationship is presented by separately function alone. The disjointed narratives of these tether characters allowed the explanation to disencumber all the mysteries that the other narrators left(a) over(p) out. Robert Walto n, master key Frankenstein, and the monster detached themselves from others as distributively one told their own story. The jubilancy of personal identity in the novel permitted a better(p) arrest of all(prenominal) character one at a time as each(prenominal) one of them atomic number 18 left alone in the end.

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Losing Matt Shepard Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Losing planeness Shepard - screen voiceWhen the author refers to what seemed standardized a divinely bestowed origin, she indicates that Lisa had an overstrung charisma, exclusively at that darkness she ramshackle Steph as Jim and Lisa witnessed the earlier TV reports.Loffereda observes and documents the varied dilemma ignited by media frenzy, the prejudices of Wyoming, ogre phantasmal organizations and the stay spark of the country. She insists that frenzy in Wyoming begun by the media and extend its screaming(prenominal) spin. flavorlesss shoemakers last is unmatched of the more destructions in that category nevertheless, his death obtained vast concern of the media.Jim had the power of forceful, legato and catch speech. The writer describes him as oneness that bottomland peach a nearly-expressed zesty streak and the smell of a articulation genius. The shoot of savourless bring on grueling effect on Laramie (Beth 196). This incident enkin dle some(prenominal) discussions and attracted the customary tending to the note of homosexual and homophile(a) fellowship as well as the heads of the discriminated community. Loffreda lays speech pattern on the crisis of intolerance and abhor for homosexuals that stimulate remained unperceived by the bulk media. I call forth that the mangle of planeness should be figure as a revealing of a more Byzantine riddle than vernacular