Monday, November 4, 2019

Marketing transportation assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Marketing transportation assignment - Essay Example This process goes through a machine. The machine has three compartments. Bottles that come from the roll conveyor get into the machine for successive treatment. The bo0ttles are cleaned in the frost compartment with a small amount t of caustic soda at a temperature of 100 to 115 F. In the second compartment the bottles are again rewashed with a small amount of caustic soda at a temperature of to the third compartment, the bottles are rinsed again with sort ware for another ten minutes (Kachru, 693). In this place, syrup is prepared from filtered water, sugar and the concentrate. The room is filtered with several tanks where the first one is heating tank where syrup is actually prepared. Here the amount of sugar concentrate is heated up to 850 F where a saturated solution is made (Kachru, 693). The filled bottles are then crowned with plastic or metallic caps to protect the purity of the content .They are then branded with the necessary information by the help of laser machine for its supply in the market .the bottles are then lifted manually from the conveyor and packed. After all this process then the wholesalers take the beverages from the pepsin manufacturer and distribute it to the wholesaler (Kachru,

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